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Funtime Cake

Funtime cake is a sweet snack which radiates pure fun wih every delicious bite. It is mouth watering and tasty. A true sweet snack to savour.  Fresh and Fluffy, we bake it nice
Funtime Cupcake is a premium fluffy cupcake baked to the highest of standards and with the best of ingredients. It is the snacking companion that goes with a cup of hot chocolate, tea, water or fizzy drinks.

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The Funtime Cupcake is branded in transparent cellophane pouch, with a touch of orange and each fibrite pack contains 24 units of cupcakes.

You can buy your drinks and snacks in wholesale from the comfort of your home, place your order and get it them delivered to you for your ceremonies (Weddings, Birthday, Naming, Chieftancy, Corporate events, Burial and other important functions)

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