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Mouka Dreamtime Children Mattress 7” Size

Mouka dreamtime is a made in Nigeria product designed for children. It is comfortable, comes in colourful colours and affordable. The foam is water resistant, so you are rest assured when they pour water, tea or slept off to urinate/wee on the bed, you are covered.


  • The breathable and water resistant mattress cover protects the foam inside and increases your child’s support.
  • It gives your child the right body su

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The Mouka Dreamtime is the all new kiddies mattress from Mouka Limited and the first mattress designed with kids in mind in Nigeria. It is designed to aid quality sleep in children, helps them get maximum amount of sleep to World Sleep Society standard.

Scientifically, Children sleep deeper and longer than adults, to achieve this, the right mattress is crucial to their health, attention span and stress levels. A quality mattress plays a vital role in aiding deep sleep and ensuring children wake up well-rested to face the day ahead.

Size (L x W x H cm): 72inches x 30 inches x 4inches
Weight (kg): 0.7

Key Features
  • Great Value For Money
  • Superior Quality
  • Comfortable & Long Lasting

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