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Grand Pure Soya Oil 2.75Ltr

Grand Cooking oil is produced from specially selected Soya Bean Seed by UAC of Nigeria PLC (UAC). It is edible, nourishing, cholesterol free and Halal. The product is odourless, clear, Congeal and does not foam nor fume and heart friendly. The product is endorsed by the Nigerian Heart Foundation (NHF) and the Nutrition Society of Nigeria (NSN).

Key Features
Safe for cooking
Safe for consumption
Nourishing meal guaranteed
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UAC Pure Soya Cooking Oil is a pure clean Cholesterol Free protein rich and Vitamins A & E natural cooking oil that is widely used in homes and catering and hospitality establishments for the preparation/cooking of delight-some meals and salads. By using UAC Pure Soya Cooking Oil at home or in your catering and hospitality establishment you can be sure to have a nourishing and masterfully created tasty meal.

Grand Pure Soya oil is the best oil needed for cooking, contains No Cholesterol and is endorsed by the Nigeria hearts Foundation and is fortified with Vitamin A. Gives your cooking that delicious taste.

This is the ‘Healthiest’ cooking Oil that is made from carefully selected Soya bean seeds. It has no cholesterol and is endorsed by the Nigerian Heart Foundation (NHF) and the Nutrition Society of Nigeria (NSN). It is clear, odourless, does not foam nor fume and comes in 0.75 litre and 2.75 litre PET Bottles and 4 litre, 10 litre and 18 litre jerry-cans.

Key Features
Safe for cooking
Safe for consumption
Nourishing meal guaranteed
Value for money
Clean natural oil
Cholesterol Free
Vitamin A & E Fortified

Manufacturer Profile
UAC of Nigeria PLC (UAC) is a leading diversified Company, operating in the Food and Beverage, Real Estate, Paint and Logistics sectors of the economy. UAC has been a foremost participant in the Nigerian economy since 1879.

The Company’s brand portfolio includes leading brands such as Gala Sausage Roll, Mr. Bigg’s, Funtime Coconut Chips, Supreme Ice Cream, Swan Natural Spring Water, Dulux Paint, Grand Soya Oil, Vital Feeds, Binggo Dog Food, Livestock Feeds, Grand Cornflakes and Sandtex Paints.

UAC is a Holding Company with a number of subsidiary, sub-subsidiary and Joint Venture Companies. It is also involved in some strong regional and international partnerships in a bid to enhance sustainable growth. The partnerships are: UAC Foods Limited – a business partnership between Tiger Brands Limited, holding 49% of the equity and UAC controlling 51%; MDS Logistics Limited, a joint venture with Imperial Logistics, which holds 49% equity with UAC controlling 51% and UAC Restaurants Limited, where Famous Brands holds 49% of the equity, with UAC controlling 51%. UAC also operates successful joint ventures in the real estate business and a technical collaboration with Akzo Nobel for the manufacture of Dulux Paints in Nigeria.

The Company blazed the trail of fully franchised Quick Service Restaurant operations, a strategy that is serving as a model for the sector. Gala Sausage Roll and Mr. Bigg’s, the leading QSR brand in Nigeria, have for many years remained dominant household brands.

UAC’s business portfolio includes the following Companies: UACN Property Development Company PLC (UPDC), the first Company in the real estate sector to be listed on the Nigerian Stock Exchange; UAC Foods Limited, the manufacturers of Gala Sausage Roll, Supreme Ice Cream and SWAN Natural Spring Water, MDS Logistics Limited, a foremost integrated logistics Company, with investments in pharmaceutical distribution hubs in key locations across the country; UAC Restaurants Limited with its chain of Mr. Bigg’s and Debonairs Pizza outlets, Grand
Cereals Limited, the manufacturers of Vital Poultry and Fish Feeds, Binggo Dog Food, Grand Maize Flour, Grand Cornflakes and Grand Soya Oil; Chemical and Allied Products PLC, leading its industry segment with Dulux Paint, and UNICO CPFA Limited, a Closed Pension Fund Administrator.

The Company’s business expansion drive led to the acquisition of controlling equity in Livestock Feeds PLC, foremost manufacturers of Animal Feeds and Portland Paints and Products Nigeria PLC, makers of Sandtex Paints.

These acquisitions have deepened the Company’s presence in the animal feeds and paints markets.

The Company’s strategic partnerships are aimed at enhancing operational excellence and delivery capabilities as well as consolidating and building its market share in a competitive and fast growing market. The Company proactively seeks to take advantage of the opportunities presented by its current business model.

The Company’s Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Programme – The Goodness League is a major boost to education in Nigeria through its infrastructural intervention and support for Legacy Schools across the country as well as the organization of Free Weekend Classes for Senior Secondary School students. UAC’s Schools Support Programme has benefitted educational institutions in the South West, North West, South South, North Central and South East geo-political zones of the country.
UAC has continued the drive for sustainable growth through the execution of relevant business strategies, continuous innovation and significant investment in capacity building.

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